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Should you trust
that QR code?

Scanning that QR code with your mobile device is no different than you clicking on a random link in an email or on a website - and we know not to do that right?!

You don't know what that code is sending you, what you might download, where you might end up going. You could end up on a child exploitation site, human trafficking site or maybe the actual company website that is advertising or sharing the "link".

Just like with email phishing attempts you receive, you have to be diligent about QR codes as well. Don't blindly trust the email, social media post, TV commercial, etc... when it comes to your sensitive and private information.

Using anti-malware on your mobile device is another level of defense you can use. Something like Sophos, Avast, Bitdefender or Malwarebites are great solutions for mobile defense.

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